My HD upgrade (Scoble was right)

My 12-year-old Sony WEGA flat tube TV finally died in January, 5 1/2 years after Robert Scoble told me to ditch it and go HD. The new TV is glorious and I love it far more than I should, but what’s making me write about it today is the start of the 2012 Formula 1 season.

When Scoble and I discussed HD in his living room back in 2006 I told him I didn’t need HD until F1 started broadcasting in HD. That started last year and now I’m able to experience the full force of HD racing. I’m stunned. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t go back to watching on a laptop screen or an SD set. I’ve seen football, baseball, soccer and NASCAR in HD and none of it did much for me.

Sharp? Yes.

Pretty? Yes.

Exciting? Not for me.

F1, however, when I can see the tire tread in detail, the detail in the grassy runoff areas and the in the rooster tail spray, it’s just unbeatable.

By Sony standards, the 12 year life of my WEGA was short. I really should have gotten at least 20 years out of it but I’m so glad it’s gone. My Panasonic ST30 is miles better in every way.

Even better, my 2006 cost analysis was far different from the 2012 reality. The screen was most certainly not $4,000 and I didn’t need all of the upgrades I originally anticipated. Cutting off cable TV 2 years ago made a huge difference, since we already had an HD Roku and didn’t need an HD TiVO or cable box and the XBox was long gone. In the end, we grabbed the new TV, a sound bar, some cheap cables from Monoprice and a blu-ray player. All in, the cost was a fraction of my 2006 estimate.

And this weekend’s F1 season opener in Melbourne is making it all worth it.

You were right, Robert. Thanks.