A sad night

The first Mac I ever saw was at my aunt and uncle’s house. It was a Mac 128 and my uncle showed me how to make art with MacPaint. I was hooked.

The first computer I ever bought with my own hard-earned cash was the original iMac. I pre-ordered it and was at the launch party on the first day at the Mac Store near Lloyd Center. They called our names during the party to come get our iMacs. I was #5.

As computers went, that first iMac wasn’t much to write home about. It was neither fast nor technologically interesting. But it was a triumph of design and focus. It worked in ways that no other computer even dreamed of. There was nothing else like it and I was thrilled to make things with it.

I’ve owned and used a lot of Apple gear since then, each so much better than the ones before it, each giving me the tools to make better and more interesting things.

Steve and his team have been delighting and inspiring me for years. He was one of my few heroes.

As Jeff Jarvis said tonight, “We have lost our Gutenberg, Edison, Picasso, Carnegie….”

What’s wrong with the Nexus One?

I picked up a Nexus One to have an Android device for testing our mobile products, and decided to try it out as my primary device for a few days. I’m not unfamiliar with the Android OS; my wife has been using a Droid Eris for the last few months and I’ve had a plenty of opportunity to work with it. The Eris runs Android 1.5, a very outdated version of the OS, and doesn’t have a lot of processing power. Using it has been interesting, but I wanted an Android 2.1 device for testing.

One aspect of the Eris that has bothered me from the beginning is the sensitivity of the touch digitizer. To be blunt: it’s pretty awful. Calibration is not great and it requires what I believe is far too much physical force to complete a touch action. As a result, the Eris’ on screen keyboard is pretty bad, too.

I was hoping, based on reviews, that the Nexus One would be nearly as good as the iPhone. I was wrong. The N1 suffers from a very bad digitizer and very poorly designed keyboard software. As you can see in this test video, the N1’s digitizer is considerably less precise than the iPhone. In daily use, that translates to frustration when trying to click on icons, type, or use the four silkscreened buttons at the bottom of the screen.
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