Site update

If you haven’t noticed, the photo galleries have been removed from the right side of the site. We decided that pictures of our family are better off stored behind some sort of permission wall, rather than available publicly to anyone who wanders by.

To that end, we’ve decided to store our pictures at Flickr, which allows us to determine which photos are public and which are for friends and family. For the uninitiated, Flickr is a free photo storage service. You can use your Yahoo account to sign up (does anyone not have one of these?) or create a new account from scratch.

Once you sign up, add me as a friend and then I can give you access to the pix. Or, email me and I’ll send you a direct sign up link that will take care of this automatically.

If you want to subscribe to our public photos, you can subscribe with this RSS link (using your own feed reader) or with this button to subscribe with your My Yahoo page:

Add to My Yahoo!

As for video files, we’re still looking for the best hosting environment. YouTube seems like the best option but their recently updated terms of use make me wonder if there isn’t a better choice. Any suggestions?

One last thing then I’ll close out this bit of navel-gazing: I’ve been testing a new blog service called Vox, from the kids at SixApart, who created the Typepad service I use now. Vox is free (ad-supported) and currently invite-only. It appears to be a very nice way for non-technical folk to publish online and limit their publishing to just friends and family. So far, I’m liking what I see. If you want an invite, let me know. I’ll post a review of Vox here sometime soon.

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Note to Scoble: I still don’t get HD


Count me among those who still don’t “get” HD. I’ve seen the demos and I’ve seen friends’ HD sets (not as nice as yours, though) and I still don’t get it. In fact, I was in the Sony Style shop at University Village last week getting a Blu-Ray demo on their brand new demo unit and walked away shaking my head (even after the excitable young fellow from Sony showed me the Kill Bill HD/SD split screen about five times). I don’t see it.

Usually I’m a guy who latches on to new technology as soon as I see it. What did Chris Pirillo call us last year at Gnomedex? The Lunatic Fringe? I haven’t seen the light when it comes to HD. Yes the picture is pretty, yes it’s crisp, yes it’s big. But $4,000 for a television? Either you’re the one smoking the good dope or I just need to be educated.

Can you explain why HD should matter to me? I have a 2-year-old in the house so TV time for us adults is limited. The TiVo always finds us nice stuff to watch and I’m fairly happy with the 26“ Sony WEGA CRT screen I have now. So to enjoy HD I’d have to get:

  • a new screen
  • a new DVD player
  • a new cable box and additional HD service
  • a new TiVo
  • an XBox 360 to replace my older XBox
  • a mile of insanely-priced cable

Is that about right? Again, why should HD matter to me? (maybe it shouldn’t?) I’ll be at Gnomedex next week and I’d love it if you could explain it to me, Scoble. Just what Julie needs: me coming home drooling over a $4,000 television. Sort of makes my current $130 DS Lite jones seem like an easy sell, no?


Deep thoughts

Scott Adams (yes, that Scott Adams) is having an interesting morning.

RSS/Treo nirvana? Answer: getting there

So, in the wake of the NetNewsWire/NewsGator news today, I signed up for a 14-day trial of their paid service so I could test their mobile web service. Imported my subscription list in OPML format from NetNewsWire, activated the mobile service in the NewsGator preferences, and was reading news on the Treo in mere minutes.

How is it? Better than the competition. I’ve tried the Bloglines mobile edition as well as QuickNews, and I can say that NewsGator Mobile beats them both but it’s not yet sliced bread. It’s simpler and easier to use than Bloglines, and QuickNews is too difficult to use one-handed on the Treo. The sync architecture will be a godsend once NetNewsWire gets integrated into the NewsGator ecosystem. A couple notes for the NewsGator Mobile developers:

  • I should have the option to “Mark all as read” when I view entries for a given feed or folder of feeds. Scrolling to the bottom to click the link is ok, but I’d like the option of having this done automatically.
  • The display of folder hierarchies is pretty cumbersome.
  • How are feeds sorted? I can’t seem to tell. I like my manual ordering in NetNewsWire – will that be available?

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Just a few questions…

Reading the NewsGator/NetNewsWire Q&A left me with a few questions:

  1. When can I get my hands on a NewsGator-enhanced version of NetNewsWire? I really want my subscriptions to sync between my PowerBooks, Mac desktop, and my Treo. Brent, can you make it so, and when? When man, when?!
  2. Whither MarsEdit?
  3. How much is the NewsGator Enterprise Server? That sounds like something my company could get into.

And thanks for the 2-year NewsGator sub. If the PowerBook-desktop-Treo RSS ecosystem works out, I’ll be a long-time subscriber.

Oh yeah, and thanks to Sheila for including the parenting section in NNW’s sites drawer. It was pretty cool for Julie and I to see our suggestion implemented so quickly!

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