Gotta go into the office for a few hours today then it’s off to Seattle for Gnomedex. What is Gnomdex? It’s a geek-fest the covers pretty much whatever is happening now or will be happening soon in the online world. This year it’s going to be about RSS, podcasting, citizen journalism, micropublishing, and more. This looks like the one to attend, too. Microsoft is poised to make some announcements at the show, as is Audible. Plus, there’s the added bonus of being in the same room with both Adam Curry and Dave Winer. I’m not sure if their personal falling-out and subsequent public arguments have helped our hurt podcasting but it will certainly be interesting to see them in the same room.

You can follow along at home with Flikr or Technorati.

Too early

“I think it’s very easy, 2 nanoseconds after the Big Bang, to complain about a lack of galaxies and planets” Doc Searls on Chris Lydon’s OpenSource radio show/podcast (at the 31:50 minute mark).

Doc is correct (as usual), the web is far too young for us to bemoan the paucity of truly engaging content, paradigm-shifting services, or technologies that change the world. Time to put on our thinking caps?