Ruby Anne was born November 25, 2006, weighing 6lbs 12oz. She’s home now, being loved by her whole family, especially her doting big sister.

We’d love to share photos with everyone but there are privacy concerns so we uploaded our photos to Flickr and restricted access to just friends and family. Drop me an email and I’ll send you an invite that will set you up automagically. Once you’re in, you can download full-size images, make prints, etc.

If that seems too easy and you don’t have free Flickr account and want to set one up manually, you can do so here using your Yahoo account (if you have one) or from scratch. Once you’re setup, do a search on Flickr for my name and request to be a contact. I’ll reciprocate and add you to the friends and family list.

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Site update

If you haven’t noticed, the photo galleries have been removed from the right side of the site. We decided that pictures of our family are better off stored behind some sort of permission wall, rather than available publicly to anyone who wanders by.

To that end, we’ve decided to store our pictures at Flickr, which allows us to determine which photos are public and which are for friends and family. For the uninitiated, Flickr is a free photo storage service. You can use your Yahoo account to sign up (does anyone not have one of these?) or create a new account from scratch.

Once you sign up, add me as a friend and then I can give you access to the pix. Or, email me and I’ll send you a direct sign up link that will take care of this automatically.

If you want to subscribe to our public photos, you can subscribe with this RSS link (using your own feed reader) or with this button to subscribe with your My Yahoo page:

Add to My Yahoo!

As for video files, we’re still looking for the best hosting environment. YouTube seems like the best option but their recently updated terms of use make me wonder if there isn’t a better choice. Any suggestions?

One last thing then I’ll close out this bit of navel-gazing: I’ve been testing a new blog service called Vox, from the kids at SixApart, who created the Typepad service I use now. Vox is free (ad-supported) and currently invite-only. It appears to be a very nice way for non-technical folk to publish online and limit their publishing to just friends and family. So far, I’m liking what I see. If you want an invite, let me know. I’ll post a review of Vox here sometime soon.

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Daikini software?

Does anyone know where a guy can get a copy of the PhotoToTypePad iPhoto plugin installer from the now defunct Daikini Software? I have a copy installed on another machine but can’t seem to get it running without the installer. Anyone? Anyone?

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One year

This comparison amazes me:

Last year

This year

Movies and photos

Added some new pix to the Emi album tonight. Also posted some movies here. These were shot not with our camcorder, but with the new SD500 digital still camera. Nice stuff.