Damn the facts, just say what we tell you to say

So, why is a service like Magnatune‘s important? Check this out. The RIAA’s lawyers bullied a 15-year-old girl into committing perjury so they could win a dubious music downloading case for $4,000 against a Michigan couple. The girl owned up to it and the case is now in jeopardy (no kidding).

Magnatune music: we are not evil

Magnatune logo

I learned about a music label this week called Magnantune that lets anyone listen to their entire catalog before buying. You can listen to any track from any of their artists online. Granted, it’s a streaming file, rather than a straight download, but it’s a hell of a lot more than the other labels offer. Magnatune also has per-genre streaming radio stations for you internet radio junkies, as well as podcasts.

These guys really seem to get it: free streaming of all tracks, everything licensed under Creative Commons, free licenses for podcasters/videocasters, and all purchased albums are available to the buyer as unrestricted MP3 files with a license to share the music with up to three people. Oh, and the music is pretty good, too! Good stuff, guys.

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buy my junk

Just posted my old Creative Nomad II MG mp3 player on craigslist. Knock yourself out.

one last bit about the concert…

I forgot to mention our Bill and Melinda sighting. The Gateses were sitting opposite us (we had great seats) and caused quite a disruption when they entered the arena.

I caught glimpses of them during the show and, though I’m sure he enjoyed himself, Bill looked very uncomfortable in his own skin and is certainly one of the least rhythmic people I’ve ever seen. How hard is it to keep the beat with Vertigo?

Bono and the babysitters

We left Emi with Julie’s parents last night for nearly 7 hours and she did really well. I was pretty worried since she’s been extremely clingy lately but they said she was very playful all night.

I would have liked to have taken her with us but we were afraid it would be too loud, which it was. Next time they come to town, I’m taking her and some earplugs. We may just take her to Bumbershoot this year since she ought to be up and running by then. No baby leashes, though.

Did I mention how great that U2 show was?