SF Notes

Is there a law ordering every other citizen in SF to own an iPod? Walking around today I saw more white earbuds than I’ve ever seen in one place. And these weren’t just on the über-hip, young urban San Franciscans between the c|net office and Moscone Center. No, I’m talking about everyone, young and old, hip and not. The city (or, the financial district, at least) is also completely covered in Apple ads – iPods, mostly.

Julie noticed that everyone seems very friendly. She and Mary took a walk today (to a medical clinic – Mary’s sick) and many people stopped to say how cute she is (well, she is) and offer assistance with directions and such. Who knew?

Yeah, she’s sick. We came knowing that she had a virus but was on the mend. Today, ear infection. Great.

Hopefully she’ll sleep a bit better tonight – her fever is going away – because I have to get a bit of sleep as I’m meeting the Canadians at 6:30 to get in line for the Stevenote. If there’s cell service in the ballroom, I’ll try to post some pix of the goodies.

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SF travel help wanted

We’re heading to San Francisco next week for MacWorld Expo and Julie is looking for some family-friendly entertainment while we’re there. I’ll be spending my days at the expo so she and Emi will need things to keep them busy. Ideas? Share them in the comments.

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“Buggle” or, my new iPod

30GB iPod video

Picked up a new iPod last night, a 30GB video model. I fondled one a few weeks ago at a computer shop and had to have it – it’s so thin and light, and the front is so sleek and glass-like. Oooooh. The color screen is gorgeous, of course. Video is nice but the pictures feature is much more useful for me. I like showing off the latest Emi pix and the iPod makes is very easy. I’ve been using the Treo but the iPod is much simpler and the screen seems sharper (I know it’s not really sharper but it appears that way). I’m sure the video functions will come in handy for showing off the few movies we have of Emi but without an external speaker, it’s not great for sharing video on-the-fly with folks. You really need a TV around to plug into. My old 20GB 4G model went to a nice home, btw.


Buy my iPod

Selling my iPod on Craigslist (see the listing) for $250. Here’s the lowdown:

  • 20GB 4G iPod
  • Apple iPod Dock
  • Apple iPod earbuds
  • Firewire dock cable
  • Griffin iTrip
  • Griffin iTalk
  • Griffin Lapel Mic
  • SendStation PocketDock Firewire
  • XtremeMac car charger
  • Clear silicone sleeve
  • AppleCare warranty good through August 2006

You know you want it.