Home with my new robo-heart

A very crazy week just came to a close. It started last weekend with some neck and chest pain. Saw my doc on Monday, failed a nuclear treadmill on Wednesday, and was on a slab in a cardiac cath lab on Friday. I had a severe blockage of the left anterior descending coronary artery on my heart that has been repaired with a stent. I’m on a handful of meds for the next year or so to keep it open and healthy. Looks like my diet has changed too.

Like I said, crazy times. We lost my grandfather last month to his own cardiac troubles, I just turned 35, and now I have my own. Nothing like a shot to the heart, though, to remind you about what’s important.

Happy birthday to me

Yes, I had a birthday today. Had a nice lunch and dinner with my ladies. Good food, good company. Nothing profound to say about turning 35 except that having a 3-year-old sing Happy Birthday is perhaps the sweetest thing ever.

Young Yoda

Outside on the deck tonight… Mary playing on her Mary-sized picnic table, asks me to sit down on the bench with her. Noting difference between the size of the bench and the size of my backside, I say, “I’ll try.” To which my dear, sweet little almost-3-year-old replies, “No Daddy, there’s no try. Just do it.”

Yes, my daughter is Yoda. …or perhaps a Nike marketer.


Ruby Anne was born November 25, 2006, weighing 6lbs 12oz. She’s home now, being loved by her whole family, especially her doting big sister.

We’d love to share photos with everyone but there are privacy concerns so we uploaded our photos to Flickr and restricted access to just friends and family. Drop me an email and I’ll send you an invite that will set you up automagically. Once you’re in, you can download full-size images, make prints, etc.

If that seems too easy and you don’t have free Flickr account and want to set one up manually, you can do so here using your Yahoo account (if you have one) or from scratch. Once you’re setup, do a search on Flickr for my name and request to be a contact. I’ll reciprocate and add you to the friends and family list.

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Yeah, we bought a Wii today. Loads of fun so far. The best part? Watching my 9 1/2 months pregnant wife beat the living crap out of a computerized opponent in Wii Sports boxing. She was enjoying it waaay too much.

Everything you’ve read has proven to be true so far: elegant hardware design, crazy-easy setup, and great UI. No complaints after the first 2 hours.

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