OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: So soon, Apple?

Didn’t see that coming so quickly. There’s no talk of under-the-hood changes, just new apps. I wonder if it’s really worth a full point upgrade?

Looks like it’s up for a lot of criticism about the “iOS-ification” of the Mac and the fact that Reminders and Notes are pretty lightweight tools. The Messages app looks like a no-brainer (I wondered why this wasn’t in Lion) but the UI is pretty damned bad. Who wants a message app that takes up that much space?

Apple is really going to ramp up the conspiracy theories with this new Gatekeeper thing.

I like that sw updates are now through the App Store (though I’m sure IT won’t like that), it makes sense to combine the two update methods.

AirPlay mirroring will be nice and I get the sense that the other shoe waiting to drop is a new AppleTV box or screen.

Share panel and integrated Twitter? Nice, but not necessary.

Safari with a combined location/search bar? Yes, please.

Link: Apple OS X 10.8 Developer Preview