Home with my new robo-heart

A very crazy week just came to a close. It started last weekend with some neck and chest pain. Saw my doc on Monday, failed a nuclear treadmill on Wednesday, and was on a slab in a cardiac cath lab on Friday. I had a severe blockage of the left anterior descending coronary artery on my heart that has been repaired with a stent. I’m on a handful of meds for the next year or so to keep it open and healthy. Looks like my diet has changed too.

Like I said, crazy times. We lost my grandfather last month to his own cardiac troubles, I just turned 35, and now I have my own. Nothing like a shot to the heart, though, to remind you about what’s important.

2 thoughts on “Home with my new robo-heart

  1. Seth – Sorry to hear about your scary episode with your heart. Hope that you are on the mend and doing better now. Take care of yourself. Jill

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