As usual, Mary woke up this morning saying, “I want to watch Dora with my Daddy.” Hard to turn that one down. Seeing as today is not a school day, I gave in. We turned on the TV and check to see if TiVo had retrieved a new episode for us and, sure enough, it had.

But wait, what’s this? An hour-long Dora? Something’s amiss here. New opening sequence. Sappy(er) songs, something about “Friendship day.” The first 10 minutes appear to be designed to get kids to buy friendship bracelets. Ugh. She travels around the world to “save friendship day” by replacing everyone’s bracelets (that glow when everyone wears them, btw). Paris, Tanzania, Russia, China…. oh god. It’s a show about liberal white guilt. Dora even performs a “super jump” to get over the Great Wall.

See shark. Jump shark.

Even Mary looked up at me and asked what happened to Dora.

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