My breakfast with Scoble

Nut graf: I’ve been educated.

I had breakfast this morning with Robert Scoble and his family at their home as we watched the England/Portugal World Cup match on their 60-inch Sony HDTV. Last week I responded to a blog post Scoble wrote about his HD setup by saying that I didn’t “get” HD. Seemed like an awful lot of money for television. Scoble, ever the evangelist, responded with an invite for me to watch with him.

Yes, HDTV is pretty – damned pretty. Sharp? Yes. Bright? Yes. Expensive? Damn straight. I’m still not sure why I need to watch the news (not that I ever watch TV news), or sitcom reruns in HD. Where it really seems to shine, though, is with feature programs – sports, documentaries (think Discovery channel), movies. As I said to Scoble this morning, if I could get the Speed channel and F1 races in HD, that might tip the scales (I’m surprised that Bernie Ecclestone hasn’t figured out how to charge the networks more for an HD feed). A total HD ecosystem would certainly provide nice viewing (as he pointed out, Xbox 360 is really an HD content delivery system), and I’m sure it’s in my future, but not now.

As I was leaving the Scoble residence this morning (after Portugal’s keeper prevented England from advancing), he asked if I was going to get and HD system. No, I said, Julie told me not to come home with any boxes from Best Buy. “It’s only $130 a month” he replied, grinning. Get it before the next baby arrives, he suggested. Hmm. Maybe once my Sony tube screen finally kicks it.

Thanks to Robert, Maryam, and Patrick for their hospitality this morning and good luck with the new jobs and the move!

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