Note to Scoble: I still don’t get HD


Count me among those who still don’t “get” HD. I’ve seen the demos and I’ve seen friends’ HD sets (not as nice as yours, though) and I still don’t get it. In fact, I was in the Sony Style shop at University Village last week getting a Blu-Ray demo on their brand new demo unit and walked away shaking my head (even after the excitable young fellow from Sony showed me the Kill Bill HD/SD split screen about five times). I don’t see it.

Usually I’m a guy who latches on to new technology as soon as I see it. What did Chris Pirillo call us last year at Gnomedex? The Lunatic Fringe? I haven’t seen the light when it comes to HD. Yes the picture is pretty, yes it’s crisp, yes it’s big. But $4,000 for a television? Either you’re the one smoking the good dope or I just need to be educated.

Can you explain why HD should matter to me? I have a 2-year-old in the house so TV time for us adults is limited. The TiVo always finds us nice stuff to watch and I’m fairly happy with the 26“ Sony WEGA CRT screen I have now. So to enjoy HD I’d have to get:

  • a new screen
  • a new DVD player
  • a new cable box and additional HD service
  • a new TiVo
  • an XBox 360 to replace my older XBox
  • a mile of insanely-priced cable

Is that about right? Again, why should HD matter to me? (maybe it shouldn’t?) I’ll be at Gnomedex next week and I’d love it if you could explain it to me, Scoble. Just what Julie needs: me coming home drooling over a $4,000 television. Sort of makes my current $130 DS Lite jones seem like an easy sell, no?


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