Our flux capacitor is on the fritz

Came home tonight to a funny, gas-like odor in the house. Not good. Called the gas company and they dispatched some kid with a beeping, blinking box who, after 15 minutes, emerged from the basement and declared dead the Volkswagon-sized furnace down there. Cut to the chase: we have no heat in the house except for two large-ish electric space heaters. The plan is to see how it works tonight, get some estimates on a new furnace tomorrow, and see where this rabbit hole leads us.

The silver lining in this is that our gas bills should come down quite a bit since our now-dead furnace was about 50% efficient (so says Gas Man) and we will reclaim a large portion of our basement (now I can build that cock fighting ring I’ve always wanted). Getting the old beast out of there will be a chore but luckily I have a brother-in-law who is not only an expert in such things, but is willing to get it done for us. Good man, Rob.

Oh, and did I mention the mold we found upstairs? There’s nothing like buying an old house.


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