“Buggle” or, my new iPod

30GB iPod video

Picked up a new iPod last night, a 30GB video model. I fondled one a few weeks ago at a computer shop and had to have it – it’s so thin and light, and the front is so sleek and glass-like. Oooooh. The color screen is gorgeous, of course. Video is nice but the pictures feature is much more useful for me. I like showing off the latest Emi pix and the iPod makes is very easy. I’ve been using the Treo but the iPod is much simpler and the screen seems sharper (I know it’s not really sharper but it appears that way). I’m sure the video functions will come in handy for showing off the few movies we have of Emi but without an external speaker, it’s not great for sharing video on-the-fly with folks. You really need a TV around to plug into. My old 20GB 4G model went to a nice home, btw.