Been on vacation all week. We spent four days down in The ‘Couv with my family (for my birthday) then came back home for the rest of this week. We’ve had a nice quiet week at home. Julie spent some quality time with the xbox playing Urbz. I got a bit fast and furious with Forza. Saw the 40-Year-Old Virgin today. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. Fun flick. Go see it.

Emi is much steadier on her feet now. She’s climbing up and down stairs almost on her own. Getting a little demanding, too. She’ll point you to your seat or show you what she wants you to do. It’s all very cute, trust me.

Not much else to report… we’re dreading Monday and having to go back to work.

One thought on “Vacation!

  1. We loved “Virgin”, too; knew we would, but were unprepared for how much and how thoroughly. It was a really smart crowd-pleaser, not an oxymoron in this case.

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