Kind of Blue

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Take a look at the screen shot and what do you see? Blue. Nearly every app I use on a regular basis has a blue icon. I know that I can customize the icons but I’ve never been happy with the alternative icons out there. Why does everyone have to use blue? Was there some UI study that showed users prefer blue icons? Is everyone taking Aqua a bit too seriously? I actually have difficulty locating apps in the dock anymore since I can’t tell one from another with a quick glance. At least NetNewsWire has some yellow in the icon but with the exception of Terminal and iTunes, everything is blue.

2 thoughts on “Kind of Blue

  1. I think people do prefer blue on computers. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a mixture of coolness and authority. There’s a reason why Aqua is aqua and not marrón, verde, or púrpura.

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