Washington State newspapers move to Knight Ridder

Big news today in news. This positions Knight Ridder to control most of Washington State’s daily newspapers once they complete their eventual takeover of the Seattle Times and it’s smaller dailies. I certainly wouldn’t want to be publisher of The News Tribune or the King County Journal right now.

3 thoughts on “Washington State newspapers move to Knight Ridder

  1. Wow, the workding of this article has me wondering if it’s a newspaper sale or a baseball trade. Is editorial content and “news slant” dictated from the top? Does this mean Western Washington is recieving a homogenized version of the news region-wide?

  2. I wouldn’t say that just yet. It means that homogenized news is much more of a reality for us than it was two days ago. The sale/trade/barter/whatever only covers the two Washington papers. But when you take into account what many folks seem to think is inevitable: the sale of the Seattle Times, Yakima Herald-Republic, and Walla Walla Union-Bulletin to Knight Ridder, then no, things don’t look good. Of course, that still leaves other area dailies like The News Tribune, Everett Herald, The Columbian, The Spokesman Review, etc. What I want to know is: why wasn’t the Salem Statesman Journal included?

  3. Well, I must confess my ignorance of the more detailed politics concerning the print media industry…or the rest of the media industry for that matter. All I can attest to is my disgust for most of what I see in print. In fact, I steer clear of most of it…I do read the Trib online for local news and Mariners/baseball news. I also check the Seattle papers for additional baseball news, but prefer The CSM for national news and the news feeds from Reuters, etc. I don’t spend much time there, though…and I definately draw the line at ANY television news. For some reason I don’t have much faith that any of it is factual reporting.

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