A peek inside Dubai

I read this article and my jaw dropped. I knew that Dubai was a playground for the uber-rich and for western-friendly capitalist Arabs but good gawd I had no idea.

Good readin’.

2 thoughts on “A peek inside Dubai

  1. Just wanted to say hi from effing Hermiston
    Love and Shalom to all,

  2. Being curious about the lives of well-heeled business travelers, I read the Economist’s Guide to Dubai about 6 months ago and just about fell off my chair when it went into detail about HOW NOT TO RUN INTO prostitutes from Russia and elsewhere and how to ask the concierge HOW TO AVOID prostitution. Also educational was the assertion that you have to have a license to drink alcohol in your own home. Sure, the 5-star hotels serve drinks, but for others…weird! Anyway, some parts of the print guide are here…

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