30 Days

Caught Morgan Spurlock’s new show, “30 Days” this weekend. Great freakin’ show. We loved “Super Size Me” so we were anxious to see what Morgan would do next. “30 Days” takes the basic premise of the film – what can a person learn in 30 days – and applies it to other people and a variety of topics. Last week’s episode took a white Christian from West Virginia and dropped him in Dearborn, MI – home to America’s largest Muslim population. He had to live as a Muslim, with a Muslim family, for a month. Very interesting to see the guy go from very defensive and closed-minded to somewhat more accepting and understanding. The moment that really stood out for me was when he couldn’t allow himself to pray with the Muslims because he couldn’t see that God and Allah are the same. He honestly thought they were praying to a different god and he felt he’d betray his faith if he joined them. It literally never occurred to him in his 33 years that their gods may be the same and that it’s their beliefs and customs that separate them.

Anyway, it was well-done and very thoughtful. We’ve added it to our Season Pass list and are looking forward to new editions. Good stuff. Check it out on FX, if you can.