Canon SD500

Best camera I’ve ever owned. Period. This thing is fantastic! First, it’s crazy small and light. It’s actually smaller than my iPod and fits nicely in my Timbuk2 iPod case. But mostly it’s about ease of use. The camera is up and ready to shoot in less than a second. Let me say that again – before your finger is off the power button, the camera is ready to shoot. Shutter lag is non-existant and the autofocus mechanism is lightning-quick. There’s a pretty good movie mode which takes very nice vga-quality movies. After 24 hours, I’m a very happy customer.

One thought on “Canon SD500

  1. My wife and I just got this camera yesterday as well. The only real issue I have is the fidelity/quality of the LCD. Our old Minolta (F100 – 4MP) had a much more lively, crisp picture on the LCD. The pictures, once taken, look great – but I find that I have to trust the Canon a bit more. It hasn’t given me reason not to trust it, but I’d like a better LCD. That being said, the camera is lightning fast and that’s what I love.

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