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Forrester says 57% of online advertisers are interested in advertising in RSS feeds and that the online ad market will hit $14.7b this year. Why is it that traditional publishers don’t seem to be able to grasp this? It seems as though a lot of them are so busy trying to protect their old-world, offline products (Dinosaur Blogs), that they can’t see new opportunities. Certainly this is the case with the music, tv, and film industries. This isn’t a new argument but these new figures really point out what traditional publishers are missing.

One thought on “Online advertising study

  1. Hey Julie,

    I so have to read that study. I get more than 2/3s of my server hits from RSS. So I only can count 1/3 for advertising rates. It’s killing me. I am thinking of just starting to offer RSS advertising myself but managing that … ugh … I’m still waiting for RSSAds to call me and GoogleAdsRSS would even talk to me. It sucks.

    Anyhow, your trackback got accidentally deleted as spam. Please ping me again. I definitely want to keep track of this post.

    liza sabater

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