Episode III

Caught a midnight showing of Episode III last night and it was pretty good. The story was much better than the previous 2 films and it moved much quicker.

I sort of wish I’d gone into these prequel films without having seen or read any spoiler material. I’ll admit it: I read some of the fan sites, played the video games and read the book versions of this film and the last one and found that they create unrealistic expectations. I found myself wishing the film had included some of the scenes from the book since they would have really fleshed out the story line in some places.

We spent a few hours in line surrounded by some hard-core geeks. I’m a fan of the movies but not a fanatic or a collector. I don’t buy the toys or collectibles, read the comics, fan fiction, or dress up. The folks surrounding us were deeply into all of the above. People brought board games and card games. There were lots of lightsabers and home-grown Jedi outfits. What really surprised me, though, was that these folks were not old enough to have seen the original trilogy in the theaters. Was it the home video versions or the prequel trilogy that snagged them?