New TiVo

Picked up a new Tivo tonight. There’s nothing wrong with our old unit but Circuit City has the 40-hour Series 2 box for free (after rebates, of course) and Tivo will knock the monthly service fees down by half since we already have one. The Series 2 box has USB so I can connect an ethernet adapter and it also supports all the tricky new software platform stuff that lets us do things like control iTunes, show the weather, or even browse rss feeds. I know, just what we need – another stupid weather widget. But it’s on Tivo 🙂

3 thoughts on “New TiVo

  1. Tivo for free!? I don’t see anything listed on their website … I may have to go in and see if that offer is happening around here. Best buy has it for $100 after rebate.

  2. Thanks Seth … went to CC this morning and they were sold out … but 1 unit was scheduled to arrive at 5pm so I plunked down my $199 for it 🙂
    Free Tivo! Woohoo!!!
    I wanted to get another one, but the next closest store is 50 miles away … oh well.

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