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We arrived in Coleman, TX last night around 6 after spending the morning in San Antonio with Julie’s aunt and uncle. I really like San Antonio but the freeways there are almost as bad as those in Boston. Emi and the dog got along famously. Gaby is a 2-year-old poodle and very friendly. They played the whole time we were there. I even managed to capture some of it with the video camera (marking the first time in months that I’ve picked it up).

The drive to Coleman takes about 3 hours and there’s really nothing to see once you get out of Fredericksburg, which seems like a nice little tourist town. They call this area the “Texas Hill County” but what they call hills, I call speed bumps. The whole area is covered in mesquite trees.

We’re staying at the Best Western Coleman Inn, where we stayed the last time we were in town. They’re doing some renovating right now and our room smells like paint. The free wifi, however, is excellent – better speed than @ home. Julie fears that I’ll spend the whole time online. Nonsense. Stop on by if you’re in the area.

As to the reason for our visit… Granny Arms is doing well. She looks great and we had a nice dinner and visit with her last night. Emi wasn’t ready to go to her just yet but I’m sure she’ll be more adventurous today. She spent most of last night in my arms or eating with Julie. Sandy and Crash got in a little cuddle time but what she really wanted to do was cruise laps around the coffee table and crawl around to explore the house. We’ll be back today and every day this week. More relatives are due in on Saturday and we drive back to SA on Monday.

I misspoke about Coleman to a few people last week. The population here is not 2,000 – it’s 5,000. My mistake.

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