gmail invites

i have 50 gmail invites, if anyone wants one. these things are impossible to get rid of – is google keeping the invite bucket filled all the time now? anyway, let me know if you want to try gmail (which, by the way, is the best email solution i’ve ever used).


3 thoughts on “gmail invites

  1. Julie Shin says:

    Hello, Julie!

    I’m Julie Shin in Seoul, Korea.
    I found your blog by chance because your blog name has ‘julie’. 🙂
    Good to see your happy life.

    If you invite me to gmail, I’ll be glad.
    Have a good day!

    -Another Julie from Seoul, Korea.

  2. The previous comment is sa perfect and eloquent example of the beauty of global communication.

  3. Seth Long says:

    It’s fun how that works out, no?

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