now i get it. it’s one of those ‘hit yourself on the forehead’ moments. d’oh! sharing is good. i’ve spent a large chunk of my weekend surfing for research and emailing links to people. no more of that – just post to, tell them where to look for my stuff, and i’m done.

this thing needs to be directly integrated into products like typepad, blogger, myyahoo, etc. i suppose that since there are rss feeds for everything @ deli, you could integrate that way.

what i really want is a contextual menu item for safari (like foxylicious for firefox). for now, i’m making due with cocoalicious.

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  1. I haven’t had the same big moment with, but I do use it and enjoy its more obvious features. I’m not exploring the nether reaches of its capacity, as every fibre of my new-technology mind is currently being spent on adding the free paypal shopping cart capability to my site; It’s fascinatingly easy, which means that you make a lot of auto-pilot type of mistakes and need to redo some things a few times. Or is this a “just me” thing?

  2. I’m just excited that I finally found a use for it. It seems like every site I read is talking about it (as well as Bloglines – which I like and use – and Flickr – which I don’t like). My use isn’t all that impressive but it’s nice to have the light bulb appear over my head.

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